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Dear Norway,

Posted in Uncategorized by daggermouth on May 12, 2009

So, a friend of mine finally colored outside the lines and threw caution to the wind. Apparently the wind blew his ass to Norway cause thats where hes gonna be in a matter of hours.

Picture 2

Upon searching Norway on the interweb, this is what comes up:

norwaygoatit’s gonna be wild.

A few buddies and I dropped him off at LAX earlier. What’s he goin there for? A girl. It’s always for a girl isn’t it? It’s why cologne, beer, and muscle shirts were invented. Girls. His just happened to live in Norway. NBD. Nothing $800something dollars and a fully functioning heart can’t fix. It was pretty cool. We were all excited for him. Predictions that they may end up living in Norway as a farm couple  have already been projected.

farm couple.jpeg

Although he was a tid bit nervous…he was a man on a mission.  The ellusive baggage check-in counter and the occassional anti-swine-flu masked bystanders all suggested “hey_________, ARE….YOU…..SURE???” Yes. All systems are a go. I expect many bbm’s solidifying the fact that this was the best idea he’s ever had. Fingers crossed on him coming back with both kidneys.


to be continued…


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