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awkward family photos

Posted in Humor by daggermouth on May 13, 2009


The Choker – This is what happens when your male role model is both a priest and a gym teacher.


The Lean – Warning: this fan favorite isn’t for the conservative family. This is a pose for the clan with sass, one that wants to convey, “Heads up!” “Coming at ya!, “In your face!” “Take a closer look,” and of course, “You rang?” Combine with two arm-fold-book-ends and you’ve got yourselves an album scorcher.


The Closeness of You – When you’re madly head-over-heels in love, why not shout it from the rooftops.


Osh Kosh the Prequel – Capturing the essence is key.


The Armshelf – If you’re going for that  ”Hey, I’m easy-going, playful, and can support the weight of my own head when lying on my side in a horizontal position” kind of vibe, then the A-shelf is one weapon you should consider adding to your awkward arsenal.


Da Vinci Code – What’s most awkward about this photo is the person that’s not there anymore.


Awkwardian Era – Yep, old-timey folks too.


The Clench – The most relaxed part of this pic is the brick wall.


Million Dollar Smiles – Someone should let this mother and daughter know that there’s a strange man in their photo.


Palmolive – The always awkward three-finger-pin technique.


Family Tree – Even the tree felt this one was awkward.

There’s no way I can take credit for these hillarious captions. Whoever is responsible for running this site is a genious.


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